BTS is coming to FIFA World Cup

BTS is coming to FIFA World Cup

The worldwide famous K-pop boy band BTS is a sought-after performance anywhere in the world, and the FIFA World Cup is eyeing them. BTS might just be the first group to ever perform in the World Cup should this work out. BTS is coming to FIFA World Cup, and everyone is excited about it. While there are other K-pop groups that have performed in global sporting events like the Olympics and have played a huge part in the ceremony, BTS would be the first one for an event like the World Cup. They are also going to be releasing a song for the said event. If you are a fan, below are some of the things that you might find interesting.  

FIFA World Cup 2022 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be happening in Qatar this November, and it is going to be an event to look out for. In line with its opening ceremony, there will be theme songs, concerts, promotions, and even album collectibles that will be released. There has certainly been a lot of buzz about the event as it is a huge thing for a lot of sports fans, and for BTS fans, it truly is something they can look forward to.  

BTS confirms song release 

BTS is coming to FIFA World Cup is truly something that many fans would want, and this is spurred by BTS confirming that they will be releasing a song for the event. While their song will not be the official theme song for the FIFA World Cup, the officials at FIFA are looking forward to inviting them to Qatar so they can perform at the opening ceremony. Their performance is not confirmed yet, but a lot of people have been looking forward to it already.  

Group hiatus 

While nothing has been confirmed, one of the main reasons why a lot of people think that BTS might not be there is that they have announced hiatus on their group activities recently, and they are currently focusing on their solo activities. In fact, one of their members has recently released a solo album. This means seeing BTS as a group at Qatar for FIFA might just have to be put on hold. Still, a lot of people are looking forward to the chance that the boy group might have a change of heart and do it as it is a huge honor. They are currently preparing for their global concert to be held in October called the Expo Busan. 

BTS is coming to FIFA World Cup, and while nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are already looking forward to seeing the group as a whole again, especially since they have recently announced hiatus from their group activities. The fans have said that they will wait for the boy band to come together again, no matter how long it might be. Will the FIFA World Cup be the chance that the fans have been waiting for? 

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